Trail relay

In 2018 we will organize again relay over the marathon track.

Runner 1 starts at Pancharevo along with the other runners, runner 2 starts from Pasarel Village after they meet their team mate.

Runner 1 – 28.5 km, 1000m climb

  • Length: 28.5 km
  • Total climb: 1000m
  • Surfrace: 10% asphalt, 70% dirt roads, 20% forrest trails
  • Profile the race starts with 4km asphalt (around the lake) followed by 10km steep climb to the first checkpoint. Then it goes up and down on the Lozenska mountain ridge. Just below the highest point there’s the second checkpoint. The peak (Lanina mogila) is crossed to go down to Polovrak peak. After you’ve been recorded on the peak (there’s no food or water there), you descend to the third checkpoint. Fourth checkpoint is in Pasarel village where the runner must finish and give their race number to their partner

Getting back for runner 1:

  • They can use city bus from Pasarel to Pancharevo or Sofia (1.6 BGN ticket)
  • The best is if runner 2 has a car, runner 1 to bring it back to Pancharevo and meet them.

Runner 2: 14 km, 500m climb

Runner 2 must start from Pasarel by taking runner 1’s bib number. For every relay pair they must calculate the start time for runner 2. Could be 2.5 to 4 hours after the start of runner 1.

  • Length: 14 km
  • Total climb: 500 m
  • Surface: 10% asphalt, 70%  dirt roads, 20% forrest trails
  • Profile: 5 km climb after Pasarel, after reaching checkpoint Lalina Mogila. 3km up and down to Checkpoint German, after that 6 km down to the start/finish zone.

Refreshment points / checkpoints:

There will be 6 refreshment points and 1 checkpoint

Runner 1:

  • Start
  • 10.5k (above German)
  • 12.5k (Lanina Mogila)
  • 17k (Polovrak)
  • 21.5k (after Polovrak)
  • 29k (Pasarel)

Runner 2:

  • 5.5 km (Lanina mogila)
  • 9 km (over German)
  • 14 km Finish

On the checkpoints you must sow your race number so the volunteers can record your pass. There will be a single control point on Polovrak Peak.

Required equipment:

  • Windbreaker
  • Bottle of at least 500ml water
  • Fully charged phone