Here's how and why we're reducing plastic for the race

Begach Running Club, along with National Geographic are making the race plastic-free and reducing single-use plastic to a minimum.


Here are the measures we took to stop wasting resources: 



Liquids – instead of plastic cups – multi-use flask

Every runner will receive multi-use sillicon flask and we won’t be providing cups on the checkpoints.

Start package – instead of PVC bags multi-use cotton bag

Every runner will get a bag from National Geographic, that can be used for travel or other races.

Race markings – instead of PVC tape -> multi-use aluminium + vinyl flags

Instead of the well-known nylon tape, we’ll use temporary chalk spray and specially-produced multi-use flags.

Checkpoint food – instead of individual packaging -> products in bulk boxes

We’ve conntected to producers that will supply food and drink in the biggest boxes possible, thus avoiding single-use small packages.

Event branding – recycle

All branding materials will be reduced and the ones used – recycled. In this case – we produced a bag for carrying event materials.

Water – no separate bottles

On the checkpoints there will be water from local sources or the biggest containers


Medals – no individual packages

We require from our suppliers all medals to be without individual packaging, to avoid more plastic.

Want to join the campaign? Follow the link to participate along with National Geographic: 



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