Garmin Pancharevo Marathon

42 km through the gorgeous Lozen Mountain
Join this beautiful race, suitable for experienced runners.
Total distance: 42043 m
Max elevation: 1184 m
Min elevation: 605 m
Total climbing: 1882 m
Total descent: -1882 m
Download file: PancharevoTrailMarathon2019.gpx
Pancharevo Trail Marathon is ITRA certified and gives 2 (new) point for participation in UTMB and other international trail races.

The route is from the lake wall to Polovrak Peak (1182 m) on the ridge of Lozenska mountain, going down to Pasarel village and returning to Pancharevo, overseeing the Balkans, Rila, Vitosha and Iskar dam.

42 km Route

  • length: 42.2 km
  • Total ascend: 1580 m
  • Track: 10% asphalt, 70% dirt roads, 20% forest tracks.
  • Profile: the race starts with 4km asphalt (around the lake) followed by 10km steep climb to the first checkpoint. Then it goes up and down on the Lozenska mountain ridge. Just below the highest point there’s the second checkpoint. The peak (Lanina mogila) is crossed to go down to Polovrak peak. After you’ve been recorded on the peak (there’s no food or water there), you descend to the third checkpoint. Fourth checkpoint is in Pasarel village. It’s been followed by 7 km climb to the Lanina Mogila checkpoint that you’ve passed once. The return route is the same to the 1st checkpoint and then it goes straight down to the start.


There will be 6 checkpoints trough the race.

  • Star
  • 10.5k (above German)
  • 12.5k (Lanina Mogila)
  • 17k (Polovrak)
  • 21.5k (after Polovrak)
  • 29k (Pasarel)
  • 34.5k (Lanina Mogila 2nd Pass)
  • 36.5 (above German)
  • Finish

2 of the checkpoints are passed both ways.

On the checpoints you must sow your race number so the volunteers can record your pass. There will be a single control point on Polovrak Peak.

Required equipment:

  • Windbreaker
  • Bottle of at least 500ml water
  • Fully charged phone
  • Trail running shoes

We recommend that you have completed at least one road marathon (42.2k) so you’re prepared for this race. There’s a lot of climb even though it is near the beginning. There’s a lot of mud and puddles during the race. There are no water sources outside of the refreshment points. There’s good cellular reception troughout the track.

If you feel tired, you can quit the race at the 2nd checkpoint (Lanina Mogila) and get to Lozen village and travel back to Sofia via taxi or bus. Another option is Pasarel where you can get public transport to Pancharevo or Sofia.

For average runner the finish time should be around 6 hours. Cutoff time – 8 hours.

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