Charity Cause 2023

The “Ela I Ti” (Come You too) Foundation is a group of daredevils who support people with disabilities and involve many volunteers – with them we entered caves, went on a zip line over Fotinsky waterfalls, zip lined into Prokhodna cave, swam across the Batak lake on pedal boats to Bird Island, we visited Skalovitets waterfall on all-terrain vehicles, participated in a mountain race with teams that had a person in a stretcher along the 11-kilometer route, as
well as reached Cherni Vrah on sleds pulled by skiers. We broke the stereotype and proved that people with disabilities can do it too. So far, 125 people with disabilities and over 300 volunteers have experienced a wide variety of adventures. In 2019, TIME HEROES saw our efforts, and decided to introduce a
new award in the “bold approach”; category specially created for us and awarded to some of our most aspiring participants. For 2023, we have a more ambitious plan that includes professional training of our teams to participate in a mountain running competition with a person in a stretcher. Our goal is to
have participation of three difficult or completely immobile people on stretchers/carts moved by 30 runners. Three years in a row, we participated and managed to improve our own record of 2 hours and 44 min. in the 11 km mountain course with 800 m of positive elevation gain. In just a few months, this year’s start is coming, for which we want to prepare with a coach, to secure the necessary specialized stretchers and accompanying equipment, and to start with our distinctive outfits/spirit wear.

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