Cause 2018

The funds raised at the Pancharevo Marathon 2018 (5 BGN for each registered ticket) will be invested in the mentorship program applied in one of the Cedar Foundation family-type homes in the town of Kazanlak. The amount sought for the program is 3000 BGN.

The mentorship program, provided by the Cedar Foundation is implemented through regular communication between trained mentors and children who live in the family-type home. The program is provided to all 13 children, aged between 9 and 17 years and deprived of parental care. Through its mentorship program, the Cedar Foundation provides individual support to each child according to his/her particular needs. Mentors and children create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship and shared experiences. The mentors have a very positive impact on the children.

The mentorship program consists of:

  • Support to the children in the process of transition from the state homes to the family-type homes and adaptation to the new environment;
  • Development of educational skills to achieve greater confidence in the ability to learn and better learning;
  • Support and encouragement to deal with day-to-day life situations.

As a result of the ongoing mentorship program, the children have managed to overcome the problems occurred in the process of transition from the state homes to the family type homes, associated with fear, insecurity, and lack of communication skills. All children have significantly improved their grades at school and some of them have been admitted to secondary vocational schools in Stara Zagora, Kazanlak, Sofia and Shiroka Laka. The mentors encourage their talents in art, music, sport, etc. They also motivate their self-expression as individuals and facilitate the communication among themselves and with children and other people in the local community.

Other channels for donations:

  • Bank transfer: UniCredit Bulbank, BIC: UNCRBGSF
    IBAN: BG05 UNCR 7000 1520 3427 69
  • Directly via E-pay or PayPal through The Cedar Foundation website

More information about The Cedar Foundation can be found at their website, Facebook page or Twitter account.